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The Hot List – Five Smoking Styles

Heat up cold season with some hot new Holiday watches. Here are five we are burning to buy.

The Fade


Hot ‘Cos: Ombre-dyed hair came first and Diesel follows on the trend with stylish shimmering faded dials. Find the fades shading the Mini Daddy, Double Down 2.0 NSBB and Flare Chrono.

Heat-rating: Sultry

Armani Exchange


Hot ‘Cos: Who wants a watch with a normal shade dial? Anti-glare crystal coating is not just functional, it also exudes a faint blue tint across the dial in great contrast with a gunmental grey and black body. Catch the sheen on new Wellworn, The Driver Two and Hampton models.

Heat-rating: Blazing

MBMJ Color Pop


Hot ‘Cos: Sleek stainless steel with cut outs on the Henry Skeleton is pure style, no bones about it, but a green dial? Come on! How hot is that? Green is definately the new blue when it comes to dials.

Heat-rating: Flaming

Zodiac Racer

ZO8566_main (1)

Hot ‘Cos: It was created for the famous 24 Le Mans motor race – and can even measure speed. So yes, that’s stunning design and technical wizardry in one sleek looking watch. Collections include this black on black model or with bright red and orange straps and dial detail.

Heat-rating: Blazing

Michael Kors


Hot ‘Cos: Rich colours and high contrast – what’s not to love about these glamour-pusses. Make a strong arm statement with deep red and purple dials paired with gold case and straps.

Heat-rating: Blistering




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