NEWS , STYLE //  8 / 9, 2017
Minimalist Moments

Our latest collection is rooted in the concept of minimalism, with the belief that less is more, and that the greatest joys in life can often be the simplest ones. Never take for granted the moments shared with loved ones, time spent exploring new things, or even the chance to take some time out for yourself. Life doesn’t need to be complicated, which is why we designed our watches with pure simplicity, serving as a reminder to live for every minimalist moment.

Fall is a time of tranquil beauty, with the leaves around us slowly turning into stunning shades of brown and burgundy, interspersed with golden rays of sunlight peeking through the trees. These elements are reflected in the calming, nature-inspired seasonal color palette.

The wearable smartwatches continue to boast the perfect balance of technology and style – keeping you connected wherever you are. With the ability to customize the watch dial on the digital displays, you can modify your look to suit your personal style.




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