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It’s finally summer, which means it’s time to shed the layers and enjoy the sun!  Beat the heat and stay stylish by accessorizing your wardrobe with this season’s hottest timepieces. Add bold and bright accents to your wardrobe without the weight! This summer season is all about bringing that casually cool outfit together simply through sporting the latest watch on your wrist – whether in tropical hues for that pop of color, or something light and classic to blend in with your summer wear. Our key styles are perfect for a sunny hike, a day out on the boat, or…

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We heart his and hers wardrobes as seen on some of celebrity’s brightest stars. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are often seen out with twinned looks, and Victoria and David Beckham practically pioneered the trend on the red carpet over the years. Now, as February 14 beckons we reckon one of the sweetest ways to show you care is by giving matching watches. It’s a gift that still rings high on the romance scale, without the committed connotations associated with swapping rings. Know what else feels good about this gift? There’s definitely something in it for you too. Score! Looking…

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Heat up cold season with some hot new Holiday watches. Here are five we are burning to buy. The Fade Hot ‘Cos: Ombre-dyed hair came first and Diesel follows on the trend with stylish shimmering faded dials. Find the fades shading the Mini Daddy, Double Down 2.0 NSBB and Flare Chrono. Heat-rating: Sultry Armani Exchange Hot ‘Cos: Who wants a watch with a normal shade dial? Anti-glare crystal coating is not just functional, it also exudes a faint blue tint across the dial in great contrast with a gunmental grey and black body. Catch the sheen on new Wellworn, The…

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Designer Tory Burch really reveals her true colors in her new book Tory Burch: In Color. The American designer fills us in on all her inspirations, from fashion and travel to things and ideas all categorised by color. Packed to the brim with enviable content, there’s interviews and Q&A’s with style icons, designers and photographers, vintage style and runway shots, exotic destinations and desirable homes. Even Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour contributes the book’s foreword. With Her Fashion Highness giving the stamp of approval who would be to disagree? This is a must for your holiday wish list… Photo Source:…

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White watches look so right on wrists through the colder months of the year. Pitch them against white woollen cuffs for a color block story and pair ‘em with this year’s other cool trend: White nails! Or glam everything up with a touch of shimmer with shimmering silvers and golds. Here are the brightest lights released in white Armani Dino in all white  Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton in white and gold DKNY Chambers in white and rose gold Adidas Calgary in rubberised white with digital detail

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Danish brand Skagen knows a thing or two about original gift wrapping. Get crafty with your Christmas tree or impress friends with some hand-wrapped gifts. A few folds here and there – as shown by the folks at Skagen – takes seasonal decoration to new heights. These beautiful stars are well worth the time they take, but are perhaps best done with a cosy cup of hot chocolate to sip on. Let’s watch the video: Skagen Holiday Ornament

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No other colour says Christmas like classic red. Get festive by putting the seasonal shade on your wrist. Watchmakers are pairing the fiery hue with silvers and gold and can be stacked against matching metallics, garnets and rubies, adding a splash to almost any outfit. The only colour combo we’d stay away from? Don’t clash your red wrist candy against sleeves of green – unless you are going full-on Christmas tree. Here’s our brightest picks… Red dot and vintage graphics on ice blue and winter white: Eley Kishimoto x Fossil Berry red dial with gold tone detail and bezel bling:…

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We are all about watches and all over watch style and so we were thrilled to discover this board on Pinterest . Curated by graphic design student and self-confessed fashion addict Yessenia Zambrana Cespedes, her board WaTch style is filled with selfies of her favourite fashion pieces looking sun-kissed and sexy. Our top inspiration? An oversized all gold Michael Kors watch matched with green and pink bangles threaded with blinged out beads. Does anyone’s watch style make you go WOW? Photo Source:

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It’s a pretty safe bet that when you want to add a new watch your wardrobe you’ll be offered a few strap options. Let’s see: There’s classic leather, metals, either mesh or bracelets and nylon. Occasionally we see a high-tech ceramic or sometimes rubber. But this is the first time we’ve ever seen felt! Spreading a little homespun Nordic charm, Skagen has just debuted it’s Anchor lines complete with felt strap. According to the brand, we should think of felt, which is made from heat-treated wool, as a fabric version of leather: it’s durable and comfortable. But we also think…

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News Just in: Fossil just re-released it’s Petite Georgia with 30 interchangeable strap options! Fossil’s summer release was all about solving sartorial style. It’s petite Georgia watch release coincided with Fossil’s 30-year birthday and celebrated by launching 30 different watch straps to wrap around the Georgia. But my, how that limited edition release flew from stores – those straps sold out way too fast! Now, there is good news for anyone still in a fashion jam. Before it turns 31 at the end of the year, Fossil is back in the mood to party. Now it released a second round…

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Is it possible every item in your wardrobe could soon be wearable tech? Quite possibly. Google Glass, of course, moves eyewear into the future, while new footwear start ups that include running shoes which charges a wearer’s devices as he walks, and The Footlogger, which buzzes feet to direct a wearer to destinations like cool cafes and store sales, take real charge of feet. In between, Montreal-based OMsignal have partnered with Ralph Lauren to produce shirts that monitor heart-rate, breathing and stress levels, tech company Spink have unveiled microthin electronic strips that can also be used on almost any piece…

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The hologram effect goes underground, or, perhaps, on ground for winter. Several fashion brands have showed oil slick looks that feature black or grey backgrounds with superimposed rainbow-effect shine. But unless your look is all out grunge or you are a car mechanic, oil slick is fairly difficult to pull off on clothes. Accessories, however, are the perfect platform for this particularly trend to shine. Imagine oil-look Doc Martin boots and a hefty chain, or pitch another season must-have, the slouchy skirt, with Diesel’s Flare, which pretties the look by using iridescent crushed stone on its dial. Adidas also honors…

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His and hers wardrobing is hardly new, but nerdish connotations normally means it’s a concept left in the dark. Emporio Armani’s Alpha line campaign pulls off matching cool for girls and guys. The ads feature two chiseled cheeked models with almost matching hairdos and complimentary wardrobes, windswept and sexy in a brooding beach setting. Adorning each of their wrists are partner watches from the Alpha platform, including on-trend black dial and gold detail and another with an urban camo design. The watches, sleek, simple and sophisticated, show there’s nothing goofy in co-ed co-ordination.

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British singer Rita Ora is fronting Donna Karan’s instagram-led real people campaign, #weloveNYC. As the website for the campaign notes, feelin’ NY doesn’t have to mean livin’ in NYC, and Ora certainly proves this. All of the 15 models that appear with Ora in the new ad campaign were chosen for giving off an unmistakably New York vibe, and got us thinking. What feels NYC to you? A style, a place, a product? Snap a shot and post to #FeelinNYC or post here. Photo Source:  

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Scorpios will sting with style wearing arresting watch from Marc By Marc Jacobs. Sharp metallics collide with a sultry deep red dial that is edgy yet sensual, just like your favorite scorpio. For guys, how about risk on the wrist? This Zodiac Sea Dragon style has a slight retro look that is all about elegance, fired up with a sultry red sunray dial and superluminova index that shows off your Scorp’s more daring side.

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Decorative watches can inject instant lift to an office day outfit-especially if they are the one playful element in your wardrobe. Here are five fabulous faces we think would liven up a standard shirt cuff or blouse sleeve. Get set for a style promotion… 1. Tory Burch Watch Tory Burch’s iconic logo shines on this Reva model creating both class and an instant talking point at the water station. 2. Diesel Watch Hyper-detailed dials come in to play on Diesel’s Daddies series, and toughens up office attire. 3. DKNY Watch Three faces make a play for attention on this DKNY dial. A…

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Q: “I’d like a rose gold watch for party season, but I’m confused. Is rose gold as good quality as regular gold?” – Venus Chan, Hong Kong A: There’s been much hubbub about rose gold watches of late, and the trend looks set to endure so if you are considering a rose gold watch you’ll be bang on trend. Rose gold is in fact a ‘real’ gold. It’s created by mixing 24 karat yellow gold mixed with other metals-most notably, copper, which gives rose gold that fabulous pink glow. It doesn’t tarnish, either, for long lasting good looks. With that…

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It’s the one Tory fans have been waiting for. After announcing, in Spring this year, her plan to launch a watch collection, pieces have finally landed in stores. Displaying the same sunny chic seen in her clothes, the watches are also an exercise in precision, having been custom made in Switzerland. Each piece contains a Swiss quartz movement and is numbered for authenticity. Take a look at the full collection here, minutes before we all run out to buy one. Reva All the watches in the collection are named for members of Tory’ family. First up: The Reva, named for…

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No other watch swaggers like gold. It’s bold, it’s bling, it’s eternally glamorous. So set a new style standard in the season’s hottest trend. The Hue: Go bright and bold as the season cools, with dazzling yellow gold. How to Wear it: Big, and with black. We are not talking about a demure girl’s golden bracelet. Many of this season’s models are wham glam heavyweights. Stack it against black for extra edge, with leather and denim by day, and with a Tux (for guys and girls) by night. Gold Runners: Namecheck Armani Exchange, Karl Lagerfeld and Marc by Marc Jacobs…

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As temperatures finally begin to drop, and, in certain locales anyways, leaves are crunched underfoot, it’s easy to get caught in a rustic fall palette–all burnt amber and red glow unless you are Emporio Armani. The Italian brand flexes its fashion heritage with a decidedly cooler air for fall this season. Color blocking comes to the Alpha watch range, with aubergine, teal and slate grey offering a refined and sophisticated take on fall/winter. Straps and dial in matching shades make a strong style statement, and we can’t help but think how you could take the style further pairing key cool…

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Whether you are still a student or just graduated, these styles are smart picks if you would like to have school look. Stylish with a studious undertone, they look just right peeping from under a cuff. Fossil’s Defender watch features an on trend army-green nato strap. Pair the look with a sharp cut white shirt and slim black tie, and go to the head of the class. The new Fergus range by Marc by Marc Jacobs contain Japanese movements for ultra-reliable timekeeping, and two sub-eyes on the dial. A bright blue dial pops pictured here against a brown leather strap. Tortoiseshell…

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Take a look at three seductive moodboards from Michael Kors’ Fall accessories line. The first is a vintage-meets-prepster look, injected with bold pops of colour and acetate hues. We love the citrus cashmere against leopard skin. Jewels, precious metals and a strong silhouette in the second look is iconic Kors. Watches in this feminine, jewel-encrusted look are almost architectural, with elegant metallic bracelets and diamond-laden bezels in silver, gold and rose gold. Animal-pattern dials, black pave stones and shimmering gold imbue the Slim Runway watch collection. One standout model fuses a gold- and black-plated bracelet with zebra-print, stone-set dial. See…

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Set Fall a-flame with these pieces of finery. Fossil, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors all brought reds to collections, and they have nothing to blush about. Whether you opt for Fossil’s scarlet rose gold glamor, the dramatic beauty of Marc’s Dinky edition in Mulberry, or Michael’s studied luxury with cherry-red dial and matching crocodile leather strap, you’ll be setting others hearts a-flutter.

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Camo has been trending for a few seasons but until now we hadn’t heard of its pixelated version. Stealth research into the battlefield though, shows armies are adopting digitized designs in droves as it’s becomes proven that certain patterns allow greater concealment than traditional prints. So with its Arges release, Diesel forges new territory–and a new age of camo. We can’t help but love those pops of neon peeking through on the dial, either.

DESIGN , NEWS , STYLE //  2014.10.18
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Nothing stresses a Libra out like going off-balance. Karl Lagerfeld’s newest collection edition, Marais keeps everything centred. The watch is a study in refined elegance, with a rectangular case and braided bracelet design in the same width and tone. Finished with a butterfly clasp, the watch combines watch functionality with the esthetics of jewellery. Two in one? What better way to show some Libran love…

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A good shirtdress takes you anywhere from late summer to fall, and you can pretty much make it your own depending on how you style it. We loved this image from fashion blogger Jasmine Smith at Stacking a streamlined watch like Karl Lagerfeld’s Slim Chain with assorted metallic bangles adds depth to the dress, which is also anchored here with the wrap shades and big tribal neck wear. And aren’t the red lips are a definite nod to Autumn? Those on the lookout for a good shirt dress might want to check The designer has just launched a…

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Tory Burch’s new launch watch collection was worth waiting for. With signature class and style, each piece has ‘we want it now’ appeal. But only 500 lucky collectors will get their hands on one limited edition piece, and the Robinson is a real scene-stealer. Featuring lapis lazuli on the bezel, the rich blue sings against shining gold accents, which were inspired by tile work sighted by Tory Burch on vacation. The elegant cuff design is signed and numbered, making each edition unique. This is one watch we’d love to wrap on our wrist. We’d sure like to take it to…

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Tory Burch’s new scene stealing release had us oohing and aahing over their fabulous double T-flouting designs, but they carry another prestigious motif as well–the words ‘Swiss Made’. What is so special about a “Swiss Made” watch? About 400 years ago, religion in Switzerland made wearing jewellery illegal. Instead, goldsmiths worked on producing exquisite watches, in turn creating the Swiss watch industry. Now, alongside Swiss chocolate and Swiss baking, Swiss watches are considered some of the best in the world. A ‘Swiss Made’ watch ensures a watch has been pieced together in Switzerland, in a location that has built its…

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Stop the press! Karl’s creating headlines with his new print-led campaign for the Kurator watch line. The Karl Daily ‘exposes’ the new line of watches in a series of spreads, putting each piece in the spotlight. Darkened dials look effortless, with pared back details a perfect compliment alongside the season’s strong preference for geometric stripes this fall and winter. We’d definitely clear some column-space for these pieces. Karl Lagerfeld’s Kurator range sits snug against the wrist and makes a witty play on the dial with a backwards 3 at the 9 position. Stackable and stylish. Links on the wristwatch give…

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We love how photographer Ward Roberts captured Hong Kong’s softer side. These pretty pastels hit a sweet spot so different from how we usually view the city’s urban sprawl that we had to stop and take a moment…

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This new edition to Diesel’s Daddy’s range is a real knockout (quite literally, were to come into contact with it in the wrong kind of way – like a wrist-to-chin kinda way). The hefty 57mm black stainless steel case size immediately draws the eye to this bad boy, but then those clever designers at Diesel filled the dial with intricate metallic details that offer plenty more to gaze at.

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A new ad campaign for Marc by Marc Jacobs rocked the Internet for its ingenuity, but others are wondering if the unusual looks of the winning models will hold up in the real world. The campaign, which called for the public to send in their best looks to instagram via the hashtag #Castmemarc, and can be viewed here:, features an assorted cast in this season’s new looks, from kimonos to knickerbockers. Bang on the edgy energetic direction new design heads Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier are leading the brand, the ads’ street-inspired styling pushes the boundaries for consumers used to…

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Dark palettes and strong silhouettes usher in a new tough girl attitude for women’s watches.  The DKNY lady shows her own powerful brand of New Yorker attitude in a city-led collection that includes several black on black watches. The Bryant Park, named for the Fashion Week stomping ground, is a highlight. Karl Lagerfeld’s Karl 7, with graphic raised bezel and python strap, is a strong-arm style victory.

DESIGN , NEWS , STYLE //  2014.09.15
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Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Midtown building was transformed into a skater park, to show off Marc by Marc Jacob’s directional new collection. The collection’s stylish and easy designs inspired by Japanese dress, karate and motocross were posed on models dotted around MBMJ-logo laden skating ramps. One entire wall was dressed in preppy checkered boards, from which hung the brand’s bag collection. Not surprisingly the event attracted the cool crowd, with celebrities like pop star CL of Korean girl group 2NE1 and Taiwanese actor/model Sunny Wang also attending an aftershow party for the event at hot new restaurant Aberdeen Street Social…

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Who said you can’t blend brains and beauty? Emporio Armani adds to the popularity of its mechanical watches this season, to bring together stylish Italian exteriors with really smart interiors. This Gianni Meccanico, with its stainless steel and blue combination is sleek and glamorous, while beneath the case beats an automatic movement, powered by springs. The Meccanico range features both round and rectangular faces, with assorted leather and metal straps. Put simply, these are serious watches with movie star looks.

DESIGN , NEWS , STYLE //  2014.08.27
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So lately we’ve been talking up blue dials, but now it looks like a new hue may be attempting to muscle in. Catwalks this season were alive with refreshing green, from lime to laurel, and at Baselworld—where new watch trends are born annually—several super high-end watch brands displayed prototype green dials. Ever hot off the catwalk, Michael Kors is one of the first designers the take the trend from dress to dial. The new Skylar chrono pairs a deep green dial with gold finish and diamonds. It’s an elegant combination that more than competes with the blues we’ve been loving…

DESIGN , NEWS , STYLE //  2014.08.24
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Whether prominent or peephole, it seems this season designers have been getting snip happy and cut outs are everywhere. Depending how they are worn, cut outs can mean high exposure or a demure way to show off skin, and in the case of perforated bags and shoes, punching holes is a creative way to explore pattern. Inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton watches which feature cut out logos on the dial, we take a look at some hole-some pieces among this summer’s big trend.   JCrew laser-cut shirt in neon Soure: PRDOVR~B0730/B0730.jsp      River Island Turqoise…

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At “just” 46mm, Diesel scales down on its tough-guy oversize Daddy series, but this isn’t a watch for softies. Packed into the new Mini Daddy’s tighter frame are dual-time dials, sleek design and exciting colorways. Good looks rank just as high off-dial too with choices of leather or steel bands, and a brushed polish adding gloss to sturdy cases. The new sizing suits those who want the rugged appeal of the larger models without weighing down the wrist, and these work exceptionally well on anyone of a slimmer build. The scrappy quartz watch is even water resistant to 30 metres,…

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Is it a watch? Is it a bracelet? It’s both! Pared down accessorizing is oh so necessary for summer when all you want to do is pack up a bag and head off on break. These wraparounds are a simple way to minimize space and maximize style. Here are three we can’t wait to wear. Wrap ‘em up!  Go Glam Emporio Armani Women’s Collection From the white saffiano leather strap that wraps—count it—three times to a polished stainless steel case and classic house buckle, summer is slick and sophisticated with this superglam model by Emporio Armani.  Summer Swash Marc by…

DESIGN , LIFETIME , NEWS //  2014.06.25
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Swiss-made Zodiac is back with a futuristic limited edition. We celebrate! We were so excited to see the newest launch by Zodiac. The brand has been making Swiss watches since 1882, and in 1969 launched one of its most celebrated designs. Called Astrographic, the watch featured floating minute and hour hands, and a small red moon that orbits the dial as the seconds tick by. That watch seems to capture all that felt cosmic and mysterious about the 60’s and the intrepid search by many to send man to the moon. Now the company has released one of it’s most…

DESIGN , NEWS //  2014.06.25
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Maybe it’s to do with summer’s blue skies, or the thought of going to the beach and dipping their toes in the ocean waves, but blue watch faces are definitely trending with the fashion pack. Then again, why are we surprised? Blue is a style no-brainer. Bringing a bright style swash to the watch wardrobe, a blue face goes equally well with pale or tan skin, and equally well with pale and tan outfits. Go simple in a white tee and jeans and let your watch do the talking, or try pairing a blue shirt cuff alongside a blue watch,…

DESIGN , LIFETIME , NEWS //  2014.06.25
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Set your summer style sizzling with our top five seasonal trends. Pretty petite: For a season where we all want fashion that’s barely there, slip on a mini model. Add chic to a sundress worn alone, or stack them for glamour that takes you from beach to bar. Ceramic: This hot new material feels so cool against the skin. The ceramic revolution began with black and white watches, but we predict colored ceramics are just waiting to trend. Color Pops: Summer’s multi-colored watches add an upbeat vibe to your wardrobe. From striking bold colors as bright as the sun or…

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Gunmetal grey gets a stylish update with this summer’s hot gold hue: Rose Gold. Karl Lagerfeld’s unique design sensibility hits big in these collection models—with bold, precise detail, and modern sophisticated design. Two new watches in the collection combine the cool color combo. KARL Energy and KARL 7 Klassic chronographs feature rose gold plating on the distinctive circles within the watch face and hands. The xxx goes for wrist attention grabbing glory in a full rose gold plate makeover, from bezel to bracelet. We think this summer look is more than O-K… the look is urban and seductive. Karl Energy…

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Mornings can be tough, can’t they? Every new sunrise brings more wardrobe decisions, hair options, lip colour, and then… which watch to wear? Fossil’s new season launch solves that last sartorial crisis. Released to celebrate the brand’s 30-year dedication to vintage style, the limited edition is a petite version of Fossil’s classic Georgia timepiece, with, count them, 30 different interchangeable leather straps—almost one for every day of the month! So, if you want a fresh strip of aqua on your wrist, a flush of hot pink or to cool natural snakeskin, this watch has all your style choices covered—and being…

DESIGN , NEWS //  2014.06.25
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As well as adding good looks to your watch, a chronograph works double duty as a stopwatch and lap timer. The two pushers control the two dials on the watch face, which can measure seconds, minutes and hours. To put it simply, a chronograph is a very cool stopwatch. Run out and add one to your collection!

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The Design: Santiago By: Adidas Originals Design Personality: Dramatic case High contrast colors Features iconic Adidas “Trefoil” triple-leaf motif Wear it because: Wearable, durable, functional, fashion First Look: Santiago’s latest launch features colors of world flags. Choose your country’s colors, or country colors that inspire you.

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Most of us know ceramics as plates or cups, and can’t imagine how that’s the same stuff that makes watches. Well, it is and it isn’t the same stuff. Watchmakers use a different type of ceramic made from metal, gas and carbon to make their watches. Ceramic is a crazy hard material, at least three to four times harder than stainless steel, and is almost impossible to scratch. The great thing ceramic is that it is also light—this valuable combination is why ceramic watches are used to make high-grade military watches and can even travel in space. But watch out!…