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It’s finally summer, which means it’s time to shed the layers and enjoy the sun!  Beat the heat and stay stylish by accessorizing your wardrobe with this season’s hottest timepieces. Add bold and bright accents to your wardrobe without the weight! This summer season is all about bringing that casually cool outfit together simply through sporting the latest watch on your wrist – whether in tropical hues for that pop of color, or something light and classic to blend in with your summer wear. Our key styles are perfect for a sunny hike, a day out on the boat, or…

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We are all about watches and all over watch style and so we were thrilled to discover this board on Pinterest . Curated by graphic design student and self-confessed fashion addict Yessenia Zambrana Cespedes, her board WaTch style is filled with selfies of her favourite fashion pieces looking sun-kissed and sexy. Our top inspiration? An oversized all gold Michael Kors watch matched with green and pink bangles threaded with blinged out beads. Does anyone’s watch style make you go WOW? Photo Source:

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It’s a pretty safe bet that when you want to add a new watch your wardrobe you’ll be offered a few strap options. Let’s see: There’s classic leather, metals, either mesh or bracelets and nylon. Occasionally we see a high-tech ceramic or sometimes rubber. But this is the first time we’ve ever seen felt! Spreading a little homespun Nordic charm, Skagen has just debuted it’s Anchor lines complete with felt strap. According to the brand, we should think of felt, which is made from heat-treated wool, as a fabric version of leather: it’s durable and comfortable. But we also think…

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Five of Australia’s top fashion bloggers were invited to spend a dreamy day in the designer footsteps of Michael Kors in November. Each fashionista was chauffeur-driven to Michael’s Westfield, Sydney boutique and once decked out in Holiday 14 pieces, were flown by private jet flew to beautiful Byron Bay. For lunch, seafood and champers were served at a-lister fave Rae’s On Wategos, topped with an afternoon pamper session by top beauty therapist Marionne De Candia. Ultra luxe it was! Star bloggers trying Michael’s jet-set life on for size were Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage, Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox, Zanita…

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Rolling waves, sun-kissed beaches, a glass or two of champagne… just imagine? Actually, you might not have to just imagine. Michael Kors wants to whisk one of his devotees away on just a trip to Australia’s Byron Bay. There will be chauffeured cars, private jets, and seafood lunches over-looking the bay for one lucky Michael Kors watch lover—and all you need to do to enter is buy a MK watch at our WSI stores in Australia. So the only choice is, which watch to choose? Here’s a glimpse of our favourites. If you’ve been stalling on adding a Michael Kors…

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Is it possible every item in your wardrobe could soon be wearable tech? Quite possibly. Google Glass, of course, moves eyewear into the future, while new footwear start ups that include running shoes which charges a wearer’s devices as he walks, and The Footlogger, which buzzes feet to direct a wearer to destinations like cool cafes and store sales, take real charge of feet. In between, Montreal-based OMsignal have partnered with Ralph Lauren to produce shirts that monitor heart-rate, breathing and stress levels, tech company Spink have unveiled microthin electronic strips that can also be used on almost any piece…

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Are you ready to stop telling everyone how busy you are? Sounds crazy, we know. I mean, if everyone knows how you have so much to do, they also know how absolutely essential you are to the office and you’ll never get fired, right? Wrong! Well at least according to this post which says that when busyness was devalued in the workplace rather than rewarded people actually got more done and went home earlier… Just think, saved time as de-stress time… yes please!

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His and hers wardrobing is hardly new, but nerdish connotations normally means it’s a concept left in the dark. Emporio Armani’s Alpha line campaign pulls off matching cool for girls and guys. The ads feature two chiseled cheeked models with almost matching hairdos and complimentary wardrobes, windswept and sexy in a brooding beach setting. Adorning each of their wrists are partner watches from the Alpha platform, including on-trend black dial and gold detail and another with an urban camo design. The watches, sleek, simple and sophisticated, show there’s nothing goofy in co-ed co-ordination.

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Scorpios will sting with style wearing arresting watch from Marc By Marc Jacobs. Sharp metallics collide with a sultry deep red dial that is edgy yet sensual, just like your favorite scorpio. For guys, how about risk on the wrist? This Zodiac Sea Dragon style has a slight retro look that is all about elegance, fired up with a sultry red sunray dial and superluminova index that shows off your Scorp’s more daring side.

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American photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank captured over 60 up and coming actresses, directors, producers, screenwriters and stylists for her newly released book, Young Hollywood. Gorgeous photos detail this new glitterati in clothes and settings inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Age. The book’s introduction was written by one of our favorite designers, Michael Kors, who hosted a party in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch. The book will be on sale at select Michael Kors boutiques.

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Whether you are still a student or just graduated, these styles are smart picks if you would like to have school look. Stylish with a studious undertone, they look just right peeping from under a cuff. Fossil’s Defender watch features an on trend army-green nato strap. Pair the look with a sharp cut white shirt and slim black tie, and go to the head of the class. The new Fergus range by Marc by Marc Jacobs contain Japanese movements for ultra-reliable timekeeping, and two sub-eyes on the dial. A bright blue dial pops pictured here against a brown leather strap. Tortoiseshell…

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You can make it anywhere in New York, but here are the top four spots inspired by DKNY’s F/W #wearenyc campaign. Put them on your ‘must-see’ list. 1. Bryant Park Located next to the New York Public Library, the sprawling park offers an oasis in the city for friends to meet, eat and stroll. The park is famously the site for New York’s fashion week. 2. Greenpoint Bordering trendy Williamsburg, Greenpoint is a vibrant young Brooklyn neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants and bars ready to compete with its best-known neighbor. 3. SoHo Although famous for its art galleries and boutiques,…

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A good shirtdress takes you anywhere from late summer to fall, and you can pretty much make it your own depending on how you style it. We loved this image from fashion blogger Jasmine Smith at Stacking a streamlined watch like Karl Lagerfeld’s Slim Chain with assorted metallic bangles adds depth to the dress, which is also anchored here with the wrap shades and big tribal neck wear. And aren’t the red lips are a definite nod to Autumn? Those on the lookout for a good shirt dress might want to check The designer has just launched a…

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We love how photographer Ward Roberts captured Hong Kong’s softer side. These pretty pastels hit a sweet spot so different from how we usually view the city’s urban sprawl that we had to stop and take a moment…

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A new ad campaign for Marc by Marc Jacobs rocked the Internet for its ingenuity, but others are wondering if the unusual looks of the winning models will hold up in the real world. The campaign, which called for the public to send in their best looks to instagram via the hashtag #Castmemarc, and can be viewed here:, features an assorted cast in this season’s new looks, from kimonos to knickerbockers. Bang on the edgy energetic direction new design heads Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier are leading the brand, the ads’ street-inspired styling pushes the boundaries for consumers used to…

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At “just” 46mm, Diesel scales down on its tough-guy oversize Daddy series, but this isn’t a watch for softies. Packed into the new Mini Daddy’s tighter frame are dual-time dials, sleek design and exciting colorways. Good looks rank just as high off-dial too with choices of leather or steel bands, and a brushed polish adding gloss to sturdy cases. The new sizing suits those who want the rugged appeal of the larger models without weighing down the wrist, and these work exceptionally well on anyone of a slimmer build. The scrappy quartz watch is even water resistant to 30 metres,…

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Swiss-made Zodiac is back with a futuristic limited edition. We celebrate! We were so excited to see the newest launch by Zodiac. The brand has been making Swiss watches since 1882, and in 1969 launched one of its most celebrated designs. Called Astrographic, the watch featured floating minute and hour hands, and a small red moon that orbits the dial as the seconds tick by. That watch seems to capture all that felt cosmic and mysterious about the 60’s and the intrepid search by many to send man to the moon. Now the company has released one of it’s most…

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It’s true that with their slender straps and darling dial’s, dinky mini’s worn solo work an outfit wonderfully. But we are big fans of mixing it up, and an arm party totally maximizes a mini’s appeal. Arm parties—that is stacking watches and bracelets—are all over the blogosphere and we can see why. They can be worn hundreds of ways and bring big personality to an ensemble. For inspiration head to Sassy Hong Kong’s How-To guide and find out how to wear them best. How do you stack up? Upload your arm party to #watchmystyle

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We all want to glow in summer, but Armani Exchange’s new launch gleams in a whole new way: These watches glow in the dark. For years, diving watches have sported luminescent details and have been used to navigate the dark depths of the seas. Now the Light’s Out range takes glow in the dark and puts it right in the spotlight. By day, dial and design are an alluring study in gunmetal plating and subtle detail with a one-piece case and strap. Flick that switch and by night the collection is a bright beacon of futuristic fashion.

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Set your summer style sizzling with our top five seasonal trends. Pretty petite: For a season where we all want fashion that’s barely there, slip on a mini model. Add chic to a sundress worn alone, or stack them for glamour that takes you from beach to bar. Ceramic: This hot new material feels so cool against the skin. The ceramic revolution began with black and white watches, but we predict colored ceramics are just waiting to trend. Color Pops: Summer’s multi-colored watches add an upbeat vibe to your wardrobe. From striking bold colors as bright as the sun or…

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Skagen’s simplistic stylish watches are inspired by remote beaches, open skies and natural design. Here’s how to spend a day in this mystical place:                                   09.00 – Wander along the old town, with its yellow painted houses and red tiles.                                                       10.00 – Visit Skagen Museum—it has 1800 paintings, drawings and ceramics. 11.00 – Check out the Teddy Bear Museum, home to new and antique toy bears all kept in a traditional style house. 13.00 – Feast on the region’s fresh fish and…

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Pastels bring a lighter touch to summer—think cotton candy or pistachio ice-cream, pretty pink skies and sea-foam splashing at your toes. Get into a whimsical mood this summer with pretty pastels like these… Pink Things – All things girly…     Newly Minted – Calm, soothing and oh so sweet…      Powder Blue – Refined elegance…and a lighthearted spirit